Oh Snap! Chinese Public Toilet Adds Flash To Your Flush

Shutter the door and make it snappy! This curious camera-shaped public toilet in Chongqing, China perfectly fits the computer and electronics focused vibe of the neighborhood. Bonus: there's no better place to butt-dial a selfie.

Shiqiaopu Digital City district is Chongqing's Akihabara: a mecca for gadget geeks and the hub of the city's booming electronics retail trade. No doubt the team from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute charged with designing the photo-friendly facility considered the area's character before drawing up the blueprints.

Entrance to the facility is via doors installed at the rear, which might be a bit disconcerting for those attracted by the facade. Speaking of which, the front sports a number of windows in addition to the big round “lens”... not really what one would wish in a bathroom, public or not.

Should anyone with a heightened sense of personal privacy feel the Chongqing “snapper crapper” is an unfortunate design, fear not. Shiqiaopu Digital City is planning more culture-centric public toilets whose designs will resemble computers, power transformers, mobile phones, and robots. When you gotta go, go (in) high-tech! (via CarNewsChina and DBW)