Oh, I Do The Cooking And My Robot Does The Dishes

Very soon, a robot will not only be doing your dishes, but cleaning your whole kitchen! The ReadyBot, shown here, is the first working prototype of a kitchen cleaner that, with adequate resources provided, could be on the market in just two years. It walks, picks up dishes, puts them in the dishwasher, and cleans the mess on the counter. In the next version, the robot will be doing these chores better and faster, and it may even be cleaning the kitchen floor.

ReadyBot is a product in process, "a challenge" the inventors call it, but a challenge to themselves. The ReadyBot team is a group of senior engineers and designers from the networking, motion control, ergonomics, and software industries in Silicon Valley. The team has developed artificial intelligence solutions for business as far back as ten years ago, and the ReadyBot is the team's effort to apply some of the same technology to domestic applications.

One thing you'll be happy to know is that this kitchen robot is designed to be an affordable robot for an average family, because the ReadyBot prototype is made up of commonly available parts. The inventor team likens ReadyBot to a Volkswagen Beetle, as opposed to the humanoid robot ASIMO, that it would liken to a Ferrari.

Take a look at this delightful video, the ReadyBot prototype 1 in action:

Expectations are that the ReadyBot will first be marketed in Japan and Europe, where population trends downward and thus the workforce is reduced. A kitchen or household robot will be especially useful to elderly and disabled persons.

Enjoy a visit to the ReadyBot website. (Update: The ReadyBot site is no longer available.)