Taxidermy Camel + Oversized Suitcase = Controversial Art

"Arabian Delight""Arabian Delight"

Pakistani artist, Huma Mulji, has created a work of art that caused some concerns at a recent art fair in Dubai - a taxidermy camel stuffed into an oversized suitcase. The artwork consisted of a taxidermy camel, metal rods, cotton wool, fabric and a rexine suitcase. The piece was pre-bought by Charles Saatchi for $8,000, who plans to use it for an upcoming exhibition called 'The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today'.

A taxidermy camel stuffed inside a suitcase made Arabian Delight too much for the Arabs to handle at Art Dubai 2008. Since day one it was the talk of the fair, and on the second day the coordinators were asked to remove the piece from the grounds. They felt that the camel, which is their national animal and symbol of pride, was being shown in a derogatory way.

"Through her work, Mulji wished to attract attention to the import-export of contraband items through personal luggage with probably a reference point to the young boys imported by Arabs to serve as camel-jockeys." (Source: artconcerns)


Tell me your thoughts on this.

Do you think this type of art is done purely as shock value or to actually make a point? And if done to make a point, does it work?


Many thanks to: Huma Mulji

Sources: artconcerns, flickr

Apr 23, 2008
by Anonymous


I think it is completely relevant, and forces people to examine their actions AND their identities.

Apr 23, 2008
by Anonymous

i think it all depends on

i think it all depends on HOW the artist killed the animal, is it from a dead body as a start up point, but besides that i think it is relevant.