Oh Splat! That's Some Wild Nail Polish

Nail polish has come a long way from the days when you rarely got to step away from clear, reds, and pinks. Now just about anything goes. Fingernails have become tiny canvasses on which people can express Oh Splat! Glitter Nail Polish By KBShimmerOh Splat! Glitter Nail Polish By KBShimmerthemselves. With Oh Splat! on your nails every day can be a fabulous party complete with shimmering confetti.

This white crelly (creme-jelly) polish is crowded with pieces of glitter in assorted sizes and six brilliant rainbow colors. Polishes with glitter tend to appear extra thick, but this is normal. Shake often to keep the glitter well mixed into the polish.

Three thin coats are recommended with a final high-quality top coat for best and lasting results. The foil method is also recommended for removal of the polish.  Oh Splat! comes in a full-sized 15 ml bottle with a brush just like any other nail polish. 

Oh Splat! Glitter Nail Polish By KBShimmerOh Splat! Glitter Nail Polish By KBShimmerYou can even get creative and apply this translucent polish over a colored base coat to change the appearance. Paint Oh Splat! over pastel colors and you will get a look that is reminiscent of glitter Easter eggs. Over a white base coat you have a painter's drop cloth, or a birthday cake with lots of sprinkles.

The polish is by KBShimmer and other colors in their line include such fascinating titles as Clown Puke, Iris My Case, Band Geek, Proud Peacock, and Let's Get Star-ted. You can choose a different glitter look for every occasion.

Have fun with your fingers and your toes and get compliments galore! You will be the envy of every woman with sad, plain nails.

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