Oh, You Are So GREEN! The HYmini Handheld Wind Turbine

A handheld wind turbine might be the last thing you would think of to charge your MP3, cell phone, or digital camera. How about a handheld wind turbine with mini solar panels too?

Miniwiz, which has a small line of small eco-friendly charging products, has a gadget that stores wind power and solar power and uses it to charge almost any 5V digital handheld. It's called the HYmini, because it's a hybrid and, compared to a Prius, it is quite small.

To power up your HYmini with wind, just get the fan spinning by biking, running, walking, or just leaving the HYmini stationary in a good wind... upwards of about 9 miles per hour is good. Oh, did I mention cranking? Yes, you can manually crank up the wind power too. The more sun the merrier, so the HYmini solar panels can kick in.

Power is stored in an internal 1200mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, so you can even plug the HYmini into a wall outlet and a USB cable is included for charging up by computer power! (Should all else fail.)

The nifty HYmini package comes complete with all the gadgets you need to get the energy the way you want it. No software is required. Available at Amazon.com.



Source: miniWIZ via Designboom




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Feb 2, 2009
by Anonymous


also make a mini "waterwheel" to fit on the taps...to store it for some time to recharge small batteries or something...prolly expensive to make miniwaterwheels though...prolly exists already too