Deep Frying Aims To Make The Kool-Aid Man A Little Rounder



Over the years I have seen (and sampled) a number of deep-fried foods including: pickles, chocolate bars, ice cream and the usual suspects like potatoes and seafood.  I have pretty much enjoyed them all, and have been surprised by my enjoyment of a few.  On a day-to-day basis though, I try to avoid these kinds of foods (for obvious artery-clogging type reasons), but if I came across fried Kool-Aid, as is being offered at the San Diego, Calif., County Fair, I think that my curiosity would get the better of me.

Creator of this fried concoction, Charlie Boghosian, starts out with brightly colored dough made with Kool-Aid mix as the special ingredient.  Being a life-long lover of Kool-Aid, it was only natural that his thoughts eventually led him to the idea of tossing some in the deep-fryer.



The bites are said to be similar to donut holes, but with tangy top-notes and a sugary finish.   Apparently this indulgence has been very popular at the fair.  It’s selling like hotcakes… or rather, like little nuggets of Kool-Aid goo.

Source: Zap2It