Oil Spill Spills Over Into YouTube With Crude Satire & Parody(Videos)

As the beleaguered Gulf Coast continues to consume America's zeitgeist since 30 million gallons of crude - and counting - spewed into the sea - social media channels have been working over time in relating to various versions of the unfolding story. With the blogosphere in overdrive, tweetin' BP impostors and Facebook fan pages growing exponentially, even the FBI have decided to get in on the act.

To that mix, using the viral capabilities of YouTube, two grass-roots videos are addressing the country's angst with some satirical fire power.

Big Oilmance

Jamie ODell, a radio broadcaster for SomaCow (self proclaimed, "The Greatest Internet Radio Talk Show, Ever") started writing lyrics for the parody "Big  Jamie ODellJamie ODellOlmance" after listening to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." After 3 days of fine-tuning the remix, her co-host suggested they air the final version on their Internet show.

The result is a very clever parody that according to ODell was her way to vent and maybe just help herself and others "take a break" from the situation.

When interviewing ODell, she noted that, "like most, I felt totally helpless…" and thought that if the song could not only bring awareness to the situation, but also attract volunteers to help the cause, she was doing her job. "On my YouTube page, I list the different volunteer organizations that are set up along the Gulf Coast."

ODell says, "I didn't make this because I think this tragedy is funny. It is not funny. However, shedding light on the most devastating environmental disaster in our history, is my way of coping with the little impact that I as one person can make during this time."

In a previous post, titled, "Terry & The BP Pirates" Dig 10 Times Deeper Than Oil Giant In Gulf Of Twitterville," I referenced the popular impostor Twitter account @BPGlobapPR with "Terry" being the Web site's anonymous gang leader. According to ODell, one of the reasons her YouTube video has scaled from 100 views on May 30th to 18,000+ (as of this posting), was due to the BP imposter's account retweeting her YouTube URL.


MockTheDummy is a video production enterprise, run by "Ben" and his posse of MBAs who prefer to remain anonymous (at least until they become famous). "As amateur producers dealing with material that can arouse anger, and as folks who may face retaliation in our professional careers," says Ben, they prefer to remain on the DL, for the time being.

With experience in broadcast media and entertainment, Ben et al add a professional flair to their high-quality productions which now number thirteen 2-3 minutes videos available at their MockTheDummy home at YouTube. Each video includes a recurring cast of Tea-Party dummies (see if you can recognize the unofficial queen of the dummy movement), and an occasional puppet.

While MockTheDummy doesn't currently have a Web site ("we currently lack web development expertise as well as the resources to obtain it") they do have a Facebook fan page, in addition to their YouTube presence.

If you agree with me, that MockTheDummy should reach a wider audience, please refer others to their YouTube videos - so one day "Ben" can step out from being that "man behind the curtain."

Hope both of these videos have added a touch of levity to what continues to be an insurmountable challenge for environmental groups, the government - and one sorry-ass oil company!