The OKO Tricycle Takes Safety To A Whole New Level


It can be a lot of fun watching your little one pedal off on his/her first tricycle; it can also be kind of scary.  Young kids often feel invincible and take on a new experience with all of their exuberance on full throttle.  Unfortunately, this can be an accident waiting to happen.  For parents who feel that their child may need an ultra-safe first bike the OKO by Italtrike may be the answer.



The OKO incorporates a lot of safety and comfort.  The seat is not like traditional, wedgie-inducing bike seats; it is more of a cushioned bucket seat.  The tires are extra wide and flexible to allow for better traction.  To protect your child from the elements there is also a detachable sun shade and there is a zip up bag at the back to store jackets, toys, snacks, etc. to take on your outing.  For really young children who are just starting out, a push bar can be popped into the frame to allow the parent a little more control.



To add to the safety level there is a seat belt and braking system incorporated.  The trike has also been made to only turn up to 45 degrees at a time to further prevent spills.  You may wonder what kid is going to want to ride such a contraption, but it is actually pretty cool looking, especially for 2-5 years old, which is what the OKO is made for.  (See OKO Tricycle)




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Kim Patterson
Innovative Health, Beauty and Kid's Products

Jun 21, 2010
by Anonymous

not a Tricycle but a stroller

I just hope this is not the future of all kids toys. A child can not get on it by themselves. It is just a stroller with limited mobility. Used without parental supervision a child would get hurt trying to ride it by themselves. This is a toy for parents not for kids.