2010's Hottest Toys For The Toddler Set

It is fascinating to watch a toddler with a new toy.  They really explore every last inch of it because they are so busy learning about the world around them and they have such vivid imaginations.  With the holidays right around the corner you may be wondering what toys to look at for the toddler in your life.  Here is a countdown of some great new toys and a few twists on old favorites.   


Best Toys for Toddlers #9.  V-Tech Light Up Learning Camera



This is truly your kid’s first camera.  Let’s face it; toddlers constantly have a camera pointed at them, especially if they are first children.  It only makes sense that they would want to get their hands on one of their own.  The V-Tech Light Up Learning Camera teaches numbers, letters, music and objects.  It also has fun buttons and other moving parts.


Best Toys for Toddlers #8.  Follow Me Puppy



This one is adorable!  Follow Me Puppy gives your little one a loyal pal, without all the hassle of a real pet.  It comes with the puppy and a bone.  The bone is clipped to your child’s clothing and sends an infrared signal to the puppy, causing it to follow behind while singing and talking.  If the bone gets out of range then the puppy calls out for the child to come play.


Best Toys for Toddlers #7.  LeapFrog Cook and Play Potsy



The LeapFrog Cook and Play Potsy gives toddlers a chance to play chef all on their own.  The singing and talking pot teaches colors, counting and opposites, all while brewing up fun.


Best Toys for Toddlers #6.  Fisher-Price Lil' Zoomers Spinnin' Sounds Speedway



For the pint sized adrenaline junkie there is the Fisher-Price Lil' Zoomers Spinnin' Sounds Speedway.  This is a race track made for little hands.  The cars zip around the track and onto the exit ramp.  Music, flashing lights and race car sounds add to the excitement.


Best Toys for Toddlers #5. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs



This one is likely to annoy the folks a little, but will delight the kids at least as much, probably more.  Each of the bright, cuddly Sing-A-Ma-Jigs wears its own fashionable shirt, sings in its own pitch and has its own distinctive look.  Toddlers will love watching their new pal’s mouth move and seeing the little teeth and tongue inside.  If you have more than one of these creatures they even harmonize with one another. 

Now here are a few oldies but goodies.  They have been modernized a bit and they still pack a lot of fun for young kids.


Best Toys for Toddlers #4. Chicco Playhouse



Little kids love to have their own special spot to play in.  Unfortunately, not everyone has space to put up a traditional play house in or outside their house.  The Chicco 1 Two Three Playhouse solves this issue.  It hangs against the wall and can be folded down when not in use.  It features a mail slot, interior and exterior decor and loops on the inside for hanging toys.


Best Toys for Toddlers #3.  Play Kitchen



There are a lot of play kitchens on the market, but they have typically been made for somewhat older kids.  Now there is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen.  This kitchen is just your toddler’s size and includes fun food items, catchy tunes, buttons and lights.


Best Toys for Toddlers #2. Play-Doh



Play-Doh has been around for a long time, but it is still lots of fun for older toddlers (age 3).  One of the newest sets is the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory.  It comes with and holds several colors of Play-Doh.  When turned on, it produces a toy factory assembly line of sorts.


Best Toys for Toddlers #1.  Weebles



Yup, they’re still wobbling, but not falling down and they are still a lot of fun for toddlers.  One set that will probably hold a toddler's attention for a while is the Weebles Musical Treehouse.  Kids can turn the crank and watch their Weebles ride up the escalator before seeing them slide down the twisty chute.  As with most toddler toys, this one also plays music.

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