Old Crayons? More Like Awesome New Crayola Crayons!

From Crayola, maker of all things coloring comes the Crayola Crayon Maker, a way to create crazy new color combinations from discarded crayon bits.


Crayola crayons are great. It’s as simple as that and if you’re a kid, coloring on anything you can get your hands on with every color in the rainbow is just about the funnest thing you’ve ever done, much to the chagrin of your parents.


Getting that huge box of Crayola crayons for Christmas was always an event, especially when you opened it to find colors like silver and metallic gold. Unfortunately, hard use of these crayons always ends the same way – discarded crayon nubs that have joy left in them but that can’t be used.


No longer! Now, with the Crayola Crayon Maker, kids over 8 can take their left over crayon bits and create wild new colors with the use of a (not included) 60 watt light bulb.


It works like this – the tiny crayon nubs (paper removed) are placed into the melting tray and allowed to melt down. Two color combinations can be done at once and when ready can be poured down into 4 crayon molds.


When they’re dry, the crayons can be placed into included crayon holders to make them dual tipped and just that much more awesome.

The whole deal comes with the Crayon Maker itself, several crayon holders and crayons to get the crazy mixing started. A clear 60-watt candelabra light bulb is required, and it is worth mentioning again that this is for children over 8. While there is a protective covering over the melting station, melting involves heat, and crayons are a lot less fun when they’re burning hot and scorching your fingertips.


Still, the Crayon Maker is a great Christmas gift that manages to combine both recycling and crazy fun crayon making!


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Source: Crayola



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