Old Dogs Learn New Tricks From Teens: Telecommunications Tutorials By Bellendoejezo

It's only a cliché that an old dog can't learn new tricks (really, ask Lady Bee). So Dutch business startup, Bellendoejezo is taking the opportunity to have the technologically inclined (the young), teach the technologically impaired (the old) about their cell phone uses, so they can become functioning, communicative members of any business enterprise.

Bellendoejezo (actually, Bellen doe je zo!), we've been told means "this is how you make a call"; but as far as I know, it could really translate to "you really can't work your cell phone, you old fool?" which really results in the same business premise anyways. Since I will reluctantly admit that I've still yet to figure out text messaging, Bellendoejezo's services would really come in handy. However, the company's services are primarily marketed towards corporate staff members who need to decode and learn to use their cell phones' many features.

The catch? Well, unlike traditional telecommunications tutorials for dummies; Bellendoejezo uses a generation that seemed to escape their mother's womb already texting; teens! The organization trains students aged 12 to 16 to act as phone coaches to elder generations. The cost for a teen telecommunications tutorial is 50 EURO for a 60-minute workshop so the less technically inclined can learn basic skills like texting, locking a keyboard and using voicemail; or more advance cell phone uses like creating contact groups, enabling Bluetooth and browsing the internet.

Members of corporate society have to put their pride aside and take instruction from their teenage teachers; or instead of turning to Bellendoejezo, the technically un-inclined can learn how to use their cell phone and blackberries from their teens at home.

Via: Springwise