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The recent innovation of E-books has changed the world of the written word more than any other advancement since the printing press, so there has been a surge in new products and ideas related to the eBook market. In the spirit of literature and the great tradition of books which things like iPads, Kindles, and Nooks are inarguably altering, Out of Print has released a line of eBook Jackets that look just like rare editions of traditional books. 


The Wizard of Oz eBook JacketThe Wizard of Oz eBook Jacket

 Alice in Wonderland eBook JacketAlice in Wonderland eBook Jacket


Some of the most popular works in literature, such as The Great Gatsby, Slaughterhouse Five, and On The Road can now camouflage your iPad, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, or Kobo Glo. The jackets have the same crisp binding and authentic feel as a hardcover book, and when the jacket is closed, they do look just like a traditional novel. The cover art choices by Out of Print are also cool because many of them are extremely rare or "out of print" editions of those covers. For book lovers who are having separation anxiety from their typical tomes, these jackets pay homage to the past, and might be a band-aid for the bullet wound that switching to e-books feels like for hard-core bibliophiles. 


A Clockwork Orange eBook JacketA Clockwork Orange eBook Jacket


There is something wonderful about opening a book, whether it is old, new, forgotten, or cherished.  The pages might be stuck together or yellowed with age, and the smell of the dust caught between the pages is like a footprint of where the book has been, or in whose hands it has been held.  If you're like me, than for those reasons, the idea of changing to e-books has been very difficult to imagine. I love reading, but I also love books, and carrying one with me is as natural as keeping a wallet or a cell phone in my pocket. 

I'm not quite ready to make the change, but if I ever do break down and switch over to an e-reader, I'll want to hide that fact from the world. What better way to hide the proof of my bookish betrayal than between the rare edition covers of On The Road or 1984?

On The Road eBook JacketOn The Road eBook Jacket 


1984 eBook Jacket1984 eBook Jacket

 In all seriousness, times are changing, technology is moving forward, and even the most hardened book lovers among us are being forced to consider a move to e-readers. Out of Print has built a bridge between the old and the new, so what do you think? Which cover is your favorite? And for those of you sitting on the fence like me, do these authentic jackets make a "case" for change?

To check out the full range of cover choices from Out of Print, visit their website.

You can pick up an E-Reader on Amazon, and buy some of the jackets on Amazon as well.

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