The Old You, The New You—All in One Amazing Photograph












We're all suckers for amazing photography, and Bobby Neel Adams has created quite the repeteoire of some pretty incredible images. His most impressive are the spliced images of the same person, one half from when they were younger, the other years later. The results are something altogether intriguing.













His website is fairly comprehensive, with a number of other photograph categories, each one offering an interesting perspective on its subject. The "Reskinning Trees" section (pictured below) is an arresting take on nature, and the pictures are hauntingly beautiful. Most of his photography strikes that chord, whether it's photographs of angel statues or landmine victims. In any case, his work says something poignant about the passage of time and circumstance and their effects on the world.














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Jan 10, 2008
by Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos's picture

Inside the tree?

I love this. I don't get the last one though. What is inside the tree?