Oliver's Labels: Business Offers Lost & Found To Top Off Their Kid's Labels!

Businesses that create fun and funky labels to stick on your kid's clothes, or just about anything, aren't new. But the problem is when your children actually lose something, a label saying "this belongs to Sally" just doesn't do much to reunite the product with its owner. One business has come up with the ideal solution to make sure that it's possible for children to get back their stuff!

Oliver's LabelsOliver's Labels

I'm proud to say that it was a Canadian that came up with this business concept. Oliver's Labels will print a 9-digit barcode on the labels along with website information. This allows people who find a lost item to go online, enter that barcode as being found and then the company will send a notification to the owner to say it's been found and they fasciliate the reunion! The additional service comes at no cost and makes this label business good for more than just ensuring that your kid's white socks don't get mixed up with those belonging to their other bunkmates at camp. Simple, effective, and pretty smart..no?

Via: Springwise