Ollie Is An App-Enabled Robot, Not Your Father’s Remote Control Car

A few years ago founders Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson’s Colorado based company, Sphero, introduced us to the Bluetooth controlled robotic ball by the same name. They now want us to meet their newest creation. Ollie is a souped-up, customizable app-enabled robot. This machine is not your father’s remote control car.

We still love Sphero, an app-enabled ball, robot, gaming system, and first baby. But the industry leaders in Connected Play hope we go gaga over Ollie. He has big expectations to fill, especially since the guys at Sphero are calling him the “future of app-enabled racing.” He is also the cool and tough new guy at the skate park. That would be a lot of pressure for most, but Ollie has the goods to back his swagger.

Ollie is controlled via an app compatible on iOS or Android powered devices. Once the app is downloaded, and Ollie has been charged using a USB cable, your phone or tablet will connect to Ollie by Bluetooth technology. On a full charge Ollie will run for 60 minutes. And he will do it at speeds up to 14 mph. If you are looking to slow things down a bit, Ollie’s speed can be adjusted through the app’s settings.

Once Ollie is ready to roll, use your phone or tablet as the handheld controller to race him or put him into trick mode. Some of the tricks include spins, “crazy ollies”, and switches, which allow Ollie to ride backward. As users play with Ollie, they will come up with their own tricks too. The full control is in the user's hands, including the ability to brake. Ollie’s range is 100 feet from its connected app.

The team at Sphero doesn’t want users to be shy about pushing Ollie to his limits. He is wrapped in polycarbonate plastic and is strong enough to be driven off of a cliff. The app-enabled robot also comes with durable accessories. Users can change Ollie’s wheels and hubcaps to suit any mood or terrain. Ollie’s tires come in a variety of colors and textures to guarantee the best ride on any surface. But when the wheels are off and the surface is smooth, Ollie can drift with the best street racers in town.

Ollie’s multi-colored LED lights allow him to be driven at night too. He’s agile, quick, and fearless—poor lighting will not slow him down. And if you have a bit of a dark side, Sphero offers one too. Darkside comes with all of Ollie’s features, but in a slick and mysterious black finish.

Ollie and Darkside are not waterproof, but they can withstand a splash or two. Just don’t submerge Ollie or drive him into the lake. Ollie is powered by adrenaline and built for tricks on land, not sea.

Ollie may be controlled remotely, but he is not your average remote control car. He is a tricked out, app-enabled, thrill-seeking speed machine. Sorry, Pops, the future of racing is here.

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