The Best Olympics Ad Campaigns from Around The World?

Countries around the world are gearing up for the upcoming Olympic games, and one way to show athletes that their country is behind them is through advertising. Here are some creative ads done in China, France and Italy to show the Olympic spirit.

China - Impossible is Nothing (Adidas)



This creative ad campaign shows Chinese citizens using their bodies to help their athletes reach their goals. This signifies that all of China is supporting its athletes during the Olympic games.


France - Renault



This innovative Olympic ad shows a businessman running through a busy street and jumping into his car. However, he jumps in through the open window, in the same form as a high-jumper.


Italy - Freddy

Freddy, an Italian clothing maker, is a sponsor of the 2008 Italian Olympic team. In this ad campaign, the athletes' inner qualities are represented literally, and their wishes are expressed in the copy.


"Let My Muscles Be Up To My Dreams" - A 100-metre sprinter's body is a race car, representing his speed.


"This Hit Will Be WIth Me Forever" - The power of this volleyball player is represented by hammers.

"I Move Along the Fragile Borders Between Fear and Dream" - Graceful yet strong, this gymnast is represented by fragile cups and saucers.


What do you think of these Olympics ads? Have you seen any other creative marketing for the Olympics?

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