Om... Om... Om - The High Tech Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat

Yes, it really is... a yoga mat wired with an internal speaker system. The Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat even comes with a downloadable yogi!


Gaiam Audio Yoga MatGaiam Audio Yoga Mat


Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat - plug and play your favorite yogiGaiam Audio Yoga Mat - plug and play your favorite yogi


The Audio Yoga Mat is a full size, extra thick (4mm),  latex-free, roll-up mat, designed with a small built-in speaker that connects to your iPod or other MP3 player.  You can use it at home or take the light-weight mat on the road with you. The mat even comes with a downloadable yoga program to help you get started on your exercises.


Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat - Koi fish patternGaiam Audio Yoga Mat - Koi fish pattern


Of course, you can pipe in your own favorite meditation yogi.  My favorite listen of this ilk is Breath Takes Mind a thorough, but understandable, book for the novice to master meditator, by Jakusho Kwong-roshi

And there are plenty of downloadable yoga exercise instructions too.  Or you may want to visit the Amazon meditation music page, where you can listen to a few bars of hundreds of meditative songs before you buy.

Oh, yes, don't forget to buy the Audio Yoga Mat....


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