Omegle: Chat with Complete Strangers

Social networking is a funny thing, isn't it?  You never know what the next big thing is gunna be.  First there was MySpace and Friendster, which got taken up by the booming success of Facebook.  Now Twitter is growing at an alarming rate, and people are still scratching their heads trying to understand why it's so popular.

This new social service wants you to strike up conversations with complete strangers.  Omegle puts you in a private chat with someone completely random, and the handles are simply "You" and "Stranger".  Kinda weird, right?  But who knows?  Maybe this will catch wildfire.

Talking to a complete stranger is a little bit cool, I must say.  We're all so used to having so much pretext to our conversations online.  If you don't know a person, you know their background a little (like if you meet someone from a fan forum).  Or maybe you meet someone that knows a friend who knows a friend.  When you have a conversation with no pretext whatsoever, you start to come up with clever things to spur the conversation.

Omegle sure is one unique service.  You never know who you're gunna wind up with!  My chat was with a car enthusiast from Scotland.  We hit it off talking about my crappy '89 Toyota Camry and his "tricked out" VW.  It was fun, and I'd definitely do it again.  It'll be interesting to watch this service develop, esepcially if it becomes popular.  Go make a new friend!

Jun 13, 2009
by Anonymous



Jun 18, 2009
by LA-Girl18


How the F*ck do i get to the "chat with strangers" ???!!Yell