OMG BFF, Has Miley Cryus Started The Twitter Exodus?

Almost 2 Million followers before she stopped counting. She ain't living for Twitter any more. Miley Cyrus is one of the first celebs to pack it in on Twitter. Was the bright light that shines on Twitterville too much of a spotlight and will others take her lead?

With a YouTube Farewell rap song aptly titled "Good-Bye, Twitter", she probably spent as much time putting together these lyrics as the actual length of the rap itself - all 1 minute and 46 seconds of it!

Nonetheless her fan base has already scaled past the 1 million mark on YouTube page views - so she's there must be a few 12 year-olds upset over her departure.

BTW, Miley's Pops, Billy Ray is taking his daughter's exit from the microblogging site a little hard. In an October 8 tweet, he waxed poetic in a way we've come to expect from the achy-breaky troubadour.

UPDATE: On October 13, Jimmy Fallon spoofed Poppa Cyrus' concern about Miley's departure, in this video that claims he's no TWITTER QUITTER!


On the celebrity front, John Mayer offered a "tongue-and-cheek" shout-out tweet that I'm sure was more derogatory than complimentary.

Hey John, the Twitterverse just expanded for you. With Miley gone, you now have less fan competition. In her absence, perhaps you can soak up some of her 2 million followers?

Robert HensonRobert HensonSo does the Twitter Exodus officially begin with the departure of a a 15 year-old celebrity that needed two identities to validate herself? Not likely, Ms. Hannah Montana!

However there were some other doors slammed in the House that Twitter built. After an emotional rant calling his Washington fan-base "dim wits" on Twitter, Redskins rookie linebacker Robert Henson has decided to throw in the towel.

Henson joins Packers linebacker Nick Barnett who says he is bailing on Twitter until 2010 off-season. This move came after he very publicly invited all who booed him for celebrating a tackle during 31-24 loss to the Bengals to "Kiss His Ass."

So that's how it goes! Pop Stars and Footballers are dropping like flies. Will it be anytime soon before Ashton and Demi pack it in and move on to greener networking pastures? It was shocking enough to have heard last week that Paris Hilton was quitting partying. How will we ever last on Twitter circuit without the celebs?

Celebrities are a strange breed. They doggedly work feverishly to build a fan base half of their careers, and then complain for the rest of their lives they have no privacy. Well I guess, sports fans, if you want privacy, you don't sign up for Twitter in the first place. Leave it to us common folk, who appreciate the followers we attract.  And stop whining about garnering too much attention!  You're beginning to sound like that other famous quitter!