One Of A Kind “Man of Steel” Dodge RAM Truck Auctioned Off For Charity

You can keep your Batmobile, Superman's truck is where it's at! A unique Dodge RAM 2500 Power Wagon made to promote Warner Brothers' blockbuster action film “Man Of Steel” has hit the auction block at Charitybuzz. The quintessential quad cab comes with a host of super-features though the winning bidder will have to provide his (or her) own cape.

If you think you've seen this kryptonite-koated (actually Dark Ceramic Gray painted) beauty before, your x-ray eyes aren't deceiving you: it shared the red carpet spotlight with the film's human stars last summer at the movie's NYC premiere.

Now that its promotional duties are done, Chrysler is offering the tricked-out truck to one lucky buyer while charitably donating the proceeds to a worthwhile cause: LA Family Housing.

According to the listing at Charitybuzz, “This isn't just your average truck, this custom auto comes with these unbelievable features:”

* Custom exterior paint scheme with Man of Steel graphics and badges

* Custom Man of Steel GEONIC 3D mesh fabric insert with incorporated large logo (shield) on all seat uppers

* Center console lid custom wrap with pewter leather and custom Man of Steel GEONIC 3D mesh with integrated small logo (shield) with radar red deck seam

* Custom Man of Steel GEONIC 3D mesh fabric inserts and pewter leather bolster with square texture outer bolster accent and with radar red accent stitching

* Man of Steel logo hard badge on dash and glove compartment

* Man of Steel screen backdrop and start-up screen

* Sport door with square texture vinyl

* 360 handle wrap and door insert

* Ram's head embroidery in black on inboard/outboard side driver and passenger  

Both Chrysler and Charity have pegged the value of Dodge's Man Of Steel RAM 2500 Power Wagon at $112,674.00 and with exactly two days to go (at press time), the highest officially recorded bids stands just short of $50,000. To paraphrase, Lloyd Christmas, we're saying you've still got a chance. (via Autoblog and News On Autos)