ONE MORE Funny But Useful Father's Day Gift


Okay. I know it's late in the day, in the week, actually, to be announcing that I have an 11th item to add to my 10 Funny and Useful Father's Day Gift list... but I do.  It's not my fault; this item just came into the store.  And yes, it's a tie, and you don't want to give your dad a tie, not on this Father's Day, but this tie is different....

It's a wooden tie. And your dad will look great in it, especially if he's a wooden kind of guy!

 The Wooden NecktieThe Wooden Necktie

It might not surprise you, but this tie is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, and each Wooden Necktie that it sells is made of re-purposed, reclaimed California Redwood, which was once part of a bridge, a barn, or a tunnel in the Bay area. Each tie is unique and finished with linseed oil to give it luster and protect its character for years and years to come.

Now, you may ask why I'm writing about this wonderful gift for Dad in my gadget column.  It's because the Wooden Necktie is a gadget that will give dad something to do. He can pull the parts of the tie apart and snap them together while he's waiting for his phone to charge or for a traffic light to change or....  It's a great way to demonstrate impatience, say, while waiting in a doctor's office or in the deparment of motor vehicles.  Don't worry.  If you buy this necktie, your dad will think of something....


The Wooden NecktieThe Wooden Necktie


Seriously, I do think this Wooden Necktie is quite sharp and it would look great with a 'tree-piece suit.'

Available at  Hammacher Schlemmer here with a lifetime guarantee.