One Amazing Packaging Idea from Siemens

Electronic Packaging

Wired magazine reports that Siemens is preparing a paper-thin electronic-display technology so cheap it could replace the everyday labels on disposable packaging, for everything from milk cartons to boxes of cereal.

"Siemens says, the technology could transform consumer-goods packaging from the fixed, ink-printed images of today to a digital medium of flashing graphics and text that displays prices, special offers or alluring photos, all blinking on miniature flat screens."

Source: Adverlab

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Amy Gifford
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Jan 3, 2008
by mustardseed (not verified)

More Info Please

If this is affordable, this technology will be everywhere in ten years. Can they do colors too? How many pixels are possible per inch? And what material is this on? Hopefully it can be made on a transparent film of some sort, the type that can be transposed onto windows, mirrors, glasses, the like.