One Company Exists Just To Market Your Golf Inventions

credit: golfersavenue.comcredit: You want to know how many golf inventors there are?  Just find out how many golfers there are, and you'll have the answer.  One company just opened its door to all those inventors.  I hope it's ready for all of you!

Fairways International LLC is a licensing and distribution company that will sign all the right documents to insure that your invention is protected from theft when you allow the company to review your idea.  Its staff and consultants are intimately familiar with the world of golf from every angle and, if they think they can market your product they'll do all the legwork from assisting you with filing patents to getting your product on golf courses all over the world.

What does Fairways International charge you, the golf inventor?  Nothing.  And that's the way it should be.

I recommend that every inventor visit the website and ask Fairways International to send you its free Inventor's Report.  The report is impressive -- very helpful and thorough.  Not only does it give you very sound inventor advice, but the report includes its own non-disclosure, licensing, and distribution contracts so you get an idea of what proper forms look like.

If you've invented a golf product, the non-disclosure is right online and you can submit your invention, whatever stage it's in, electronically.  Check it out for yourself and call the company if you have unanswered questions.

Go fore it!