Where Are You Going to Put Your Drink? - 5 Cool Coaster Ads

Coasters have become a popular form of advertising around the world. The following coasters were used in bars around the world  to promote everything from beer to the prevention of drunk driving and hardware stores.

Here are 5 recent cool coaster ads: 

1. Nicorette

According to Ads of the World, when smoking was banned in pubs in Australia, Nicorette created a coaster that could be turned into goal posts to give people something to do with their hands instead of smoke.

Along with this, Nicorette used a play on words with kicking and goals and "kicking the habit."

Source: Ads of the World

2. Lowes

Stacks of these Lowes coasters were placed all over bars and restaurants. They were meant not only to be used to put under you class but also to interact and actually build with.

Source: Frederik Samuel


3. Guinness

These coasters read "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait." You are only able to read the in the reflection of a dark beer in a clean glass.


Source: Ads of the World

4. Mumbai Traffic Police

These coasters were printed with invisible red ink, which spreads when moistened. When a customer places their moist glass of alcohol on it, the red ink spreads; and the normal face printed on the coaster starts "bleeding."

The message reads: Just a reminder: Drunken driving kills.

Source: Frederik Samuel

5. Outback

My favorite coaster ad campaign is the continually running Outback Steakhouse. At their restaurant they always have a variety of coasters with humorous messages and sayings.

Other sayings from the campaign include:

-Let us know if you valet parked. We don't have valet parking.

-2 mch txting mks u 1 bad splr.

-Yes, beer qualifies as an appetizer.

and finally

-My son wants to be a bartender when he graduates.


Know of any other cool coaster ad campaigns?

Source: Flickr

Amy Gifford
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Feb 19, 2008
by Burt Bergida (not verified)

cool coasters

Amy, They may have this but is there such a things as an oral interactive coaster yet/ I see a coaster that uses a verbal message to communicate the thought or ad. It would play for 15 seconds and can be repeated as per the customers choice. next would be the laser application that allows a hologram to give the ad as needed. Just food for thought.

Jan 27, 2009
by Anonymous


This is the first I've seen of coaster art. Such a nice break from seeing businesses cards and movie posters.