One of a Kind Holiday Gifts: Locate Rare Books with Faber Finds

Faber Finds is an independent publishing house that aims to "restore to print for future generations a wealth of lost classics". By ordering from them, you will ensure that the literary fanatic in your family doesn't get duplicate gifts under the tree this holiday season.












They do print contemporary works and accept artwork submissions by artist; under the working name, Faber, but their Faber Finds sector is more old-fashioned in nature; sourcing and printing rare literary classics. While every one has heard of the Bronte's or Charles Dickens (which is how duplicate gifts may be purchased for a known book lover), their emphasis is upon novelists and poets who you may not recognize, like A.J.P. Taylor or Brian Aldiss. Now I'll be honest, literature is a big part of my life; I love the classics and pursued an education based on this interest; however, only some of the names and titles featured by Faber Finds ring a bell.

Faber Finds helps site visitors get to know these authors and their works by providing brief biographical summaries on featured individuals. This makes the site more browser friendly, allowing people to peruse the site without knowing what they're looking for or relying on playing it safe and sticking with works they recognize. Now I'm not saying all books on Faber Finds are obscure, recognizable names like Jonathan Keates or H.G. Wells are available. However, since many people look to contemporary novels or best selling blockbusters, the popularity of classics are unfortunately declining and are therefore more difficult to find.

Faber Finds also accepts requests to source books not currently within their inventory, but offers no guarantees when it comes to out-of-print works. Their current collection however, is quite in depth and includes various genres ranging from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, the arts, music & stage, audio and even children's books. Of course, since many publications are not readily available on the shelves at Borders or Amazon, the company has to make a profit some how so books come at a hefty cost, ranging from 10-20+ GBP. However, the good news is even they offer rollbacks on their featured items.

Faber Finds is also a great resource to keep up with readings and book signings for lesser known contemporary novelists and writers as well as significant news and events in the literary world. They also have a Faber Academy section which posts upcoming seminars and classes offered related to using the art of writing, which are hosted throughout the UK.

Faber Finds definitely has its competitors in the rare book market, but I can't help but love a business that endorses the literary classics, and increases their availability to avid readers.

Want to avoid seeing your loved ones face drop when they've torn the paper off of their second copy of Dean Koontz's ‘Your Heart Belongs to Me' (most recent novel available in mass paperback on November 25)? Purchasing a rare book will guarantee a one-of-a kind gift. Just ensure the recipient is a real literary connoisseur, otherwise your thoughtful gift will become an underappreciated shelf-warmer.