'One Lens, Many Frames' Sets New Trend For Eyewear: Frameri

Removable Frameri lensesRemovable Frameri lensesI've got something really special for you today.  It's the first revolution in eyewear since the contact lens.  It's called Frameri, code for 'one lens, many frames.' That's right, one pair of removable lenses that fit several pairs of eyeglass frames.  Frameri lets you change your frames to fit your fashion, your mood, the weather, whatever...!

Here's how easy it is to pop the Frameri lens in and out of the Frameri eyeglass frames...



Frameri lenses: How They Work: © FrameriFrameri lenses: How They Work: © Frameri


Before putting such a scheme together, the group of six four-eyed principals at Frameri had to create a lens durable enough to take some abuse, at least a few thousand interchanges between frames.  This was accomplished by creating a very tough polymer coating over a high quality polycarbonate lens.  Once that was achieved, the group worked with an Italian eyewear design company to identify the most common shapes in eyewear and to create both stylish and traditional colors and patterns for the first sets of frames; the frames are Italian; the hinges are made in Germany.


Frameri 'Anatomy': © FrameriFrameri 'Anatomy': © Frameri


Three styles are offered for Frameri's initial offerings, each in four different frame colors and patterns....


Choosing your Frameri glasses: © FrameriChoosing your Frameri glasses: © Frameri


Frameri options: © FrameriFrameri options: © Frameri


Frameri's first round of production is being crowdsourced on Indiegogo right now! The packages being offered are an outstanding buy, whether you just want one pair or four pairs, whether you wear prescription lenses or not, whether you want clear lenses or sunglass lenses.  Plus, if you become a sponsor at any level by October 16, 2013, you will be the first of just a few hundred people to get your Frameri glasses in January 2014, months before they are available to the general public. Frameri is a very exciting concept.

Eyewear designer wannabe?  Compete in Frameri's contest for the next hot pair of frames.


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Sep 24, 2013
by Anonymous

Can't wait for my glasses!

Can't wait for my glasses! This idea is awesome.