One Man's Mecha Is Kind Of Heavy On His Feet

Sarah Palin may have put Wasilla, Alaska on the map, but she and her family are not the only thing that's newsworthy there.  Wasilla just may be the home of one of the heaviest "mechas" in the world -- not the kind you'd want to partner in a ballroom dance class, that's for sure!

It looks like a fascinating sculpture, this 18 foot, one ton mass of steel.  Inside there, somewhere, is the sculptor, Carlos Owens, who actually built this giant as a science fiction-like suit of armor, a mecha that walks Owens walk and then some with its stature.


Jeff Shultz, Popular ScienceJeff Shultz, Popular Science


Jeff Shultz, Popular ScienceJeff Shultz, Popular Science Owens, a former Army mechanic, did not learn robot skills, per se, in the military, but clearly learned enough to engineer his mecha, first out of wood and then out of steel, with an 18-horse power engine and 27 hydraulic cylinders that perform as Owens muscles as it walks, bends down, or opens its hands. The mecha can also do sit-ups!

Next up, Owens plans to make his third mecha out of lighter aluminum and build a chest plate so that he doesn't have to climb up from underneath the massive giant.

Oh, no, thank you.  I think I'll sit this one out.


Popular Science


Jun 18, 2009
by Anonymous

That's 18 meter; not 18 ft

That's 18 meter; not 18 ft
10 times of regular human height

Jun 18, 2009
by Myra Per-Lee

No, it's 18 feet, according to my source.

It does look bigger than 18 feet, but If it is 18 meters, I can't find that information anywhere.  PopSci says it's 18 feet, and I've found no other source that quotes it differently.  (I've even tried calling the inventor.) But if you have a responsible source, please let me know.  Thanks.

Jun 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Markets for Megarobogiant

I can see this MegaMecha for these:
o Trade shows
o Auto shows
o Outdoor shows
o Sci Fic Channel movies.
o 007?
o Transformers 4 movie?
o Remote Control War Games.
o Rental experience.
o Search & Rescue
o Logging
o Forestfire fighting.
o Counter flooding IE Katrina?

Many Apps for.
Need Manned Cockpit Module someplace for Pilot & controls for Robot.

See 1990 movie ROBOT JOX.