One Mile Racing Record Approaching 300mph Mark...Quickly Becoming America’s New Favorite Motorsport

One Mile Racing is slowly but surely becoming the favorite motorsport of horsepower hungry gearheads, and there is no need to guess why. The idea behind the race is to build a vehicle able to reach the highest speed possible in a single mile, while also remaining street legal. Just a few days ago, a new champion was crowned after clocking in at over 250mph.

Twin Turbo Ford GTTwin Turbo Ford GT

The vehicle used for the envy inducing run was a 2006 Ford GT with a highly modified engine. A twin turbo kit designed by Heffner Performance was added, as well as some new internal components able to withstand the torque generated by the new go-fast goodies. When everything was bolted back together and strapped onto the dynamometer, the twin turbo engine cranked out in excess of 1900 horsepower.

Using the stock 6-speed manual transmission, the Ford GT was able to reach a speed of 266.9mph by the end of the one mile run. According to the officials on site, there was a very stout 18mph headwind blowing during most of the runs occurring that day. Ray Hofman, owner/designer, was behind the wheel for the record breaking run.

One Mile Racing as a sport is just shy of nine years old, meaning it still has some time before it reaches its peak. However, with Mr. Hofman and his team currently talking about moving up to the 280mph mark, it won't be too long before it becomes as common as traditional drag racing.

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May 19, 2010
by Anonymous

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