One More Person Telling You You're Fat And Lazy: The Nike + SportWatch GPS

It looks like Nike's warranty department is going to be getting a whole lot busier. Because when a watch basically starts mocking you and saying "Get off your ass tubby, it's time for a run run," it's going into the nearest wall--or garbage disposal.


The new Nike+ Sportswatch GPS looks like the typical bells-and-whistles sports watch. It's powered by Tom Tom GPS and also syncs with Nike + shoe sensor to deliver every possible performance statistic (speed, distance, pace,  calories burned). And it connects to the PC so you can see all of that wonderful data on your bright, sparkly monitor. 

What makes this watch a little different--than other watches I've seen, at least--is that it provides notification that it's time to run in the form of on-screen reminders.  I'm not sure about you, but if there's one thing that I don't need reminding me that I'm a lazy slacker taking the day off, it's an inanimate fashion accessory.

And another thing--do companies just not try to name things any more? I've seen more products lately that are the equivalent of the "Ford FastCar." Your product looks about like every other sports watch on the market--only more annoying--how about you don't phone it in and actually humor us with a creative name. Or a stupid name that makes us wonder "where'd they get that ridiculous name?" Something. SportWatch GPS? From a massive international corporation?

On the plus side, the watch also recognizes when you've beaten your personal record and gives you a little pat on the back. It also includes a tap-touch screen that lets you mark laps and illuminate the screen.

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS will be hitting stores this April. Nike didn't announce pricing when it introduced the watch at CES earlier this month, but you can jump on the preorder list here. (Update: This item is now available in stores and here on Amazon.

Via Gizmodo  and Running Shoes Guru


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