One Pill That's Impossible To Swallow

Just when you thought clocks couldn’t be cool, one new design begs to differ as it’s more attractive than other inventions that wake you up in the morning.

Gelule (French for “capsule”) is the name of this pill-shaped radio clock concept created by Pascal Barde from the design company Sequoia Studio. The radio clock features a backlit LCD display and an omni-directional speaker (volume can be adjusted by rotating speaker).

The unique concept is also available in several capsule-friendly colours like red, green and purple.


Do you like the idea of the concept? Would it be something you’d place on your nightstand or desk?

Jun 30, 2008
by Anonymous

one pill thats impossible to swallow

Well that pill can tell you what time to take your pills. Thats on the brightside and on the downside you have to keep in a cabniet because you can't let kids get around pills!!!!!!

Jul 1, 2008
by Anonymous

i would use it. cool design,

i would use it. cool design, very eye catching.