One Plug, 10 Phones: Shanghai Donya's Multi-USB Charging Cable

Busy travelers not only take a variety of mobile phones, smartphones and Blackberry-style PDAs with them on business trips, they also need to lug along each device's specific charger.

Sooner or later, you're going to find you've packed the right phone and the wrong charger – or vice versa. Wouldn't it be cool to have a single USB charging cable that can service, say, the 10 most popular mobile connectivity devices? It would indeed... and now Shanghai Donya has made it possible.

The 20.5 cm (8.2 inch) long charging cable features a standard USB connector at one end leading to 10 dedicated cables, each with a different terminal connector, at the other end. Looks sorta like a cat o' nine tails devised by (and for) sadomasochistic technogeeks. Now that's hot!

A quick rundown of the 10 different mobile device connectors includes Nokia 2mm pin, Nokia 3.5mm jack, Nokia Micro-USB jack, Sony Ericsson wide terminal, Samsung 1 pin, Samsung 2 pin, HTC Mini-USB jack, Sony PSP terminal, iPod / iPod jack, and Terminal iPhone up to the iPhone 3GS. More details and model info can be found at the product page here

Last but not least, Shanghai Donya's Multi-USB Charging Cable is also light, weighing just 35 grams or 1.25 ounces. Dump 10 different mobile phone chargers onto a scale and, well, you do the math. With airlines counting every ounce and charging you for anything over their weight limits, it pays to lighten up your tech toys instead of your wallet.

In the U.S., you can try this multi-usb charging cable with 8 and not 10 chargers.

(via Gigazine)


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