One Way To Get High - Altitude Conditioning At Sea Level

Want to do some altitude training, but can't make it to Finland or Tenerife or New Mexico on a regular basis? Don't want to sit around for 56 hours to get the full effects of altitude conditioning when you get there? Maybe you could try the CVAC process, courtesy of CVAC Systems.

The CVAC (Cyclic Variations in Altitude Conditioning) is a pod you relax in, as it simulates a high-altitude environment. By regularly varying the 'altitude' with a series of patterned pressure changes, the CVAC conditions your body much faster than would happen if you stayed at the same elevation; so instead of taking two-and-a-half days to be conditioned to high altitude, you can do it in just three 20-minute sessions a week.

CVAC Systems make plenty of claims that their product will improve your fitness, so the big question is, how is that possible from sitting in a pod for an hour a week? Well, according to a 2009 study at the University of Hawaii, the CVAC process significantly improves the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity.

And it has other applications, too. According to CVAC Systems, the pod also has implications for diabetes and chronic pain.

If CVAC Systems CEO Allen Ruszkowski is anything to go by, it certainly fires you up: