One Way To Make Green Soda: The EcoStream

It's not all in the mix, but the newest green machine, the EcoStream, does enable an interesting mix of soda flavors, if you want it.  How about an orange Coke, for example?  But what exactly makes the EcoStream green?  It's BYOC: Bring Your Own Container.


photo by Bill Olmstedphoto by Bill Olmsted


Chris Myer, and his business partner, Mike Deau, engineering students at the University of Wisconsin (UW) at Madison, are working on getting their first EcoStream installed on the UW campus right now, as their application for patent protection for the machine is in the works.  The business plan is to get the EcoStream onto university campuses, in office buildings, in factories, and warehouses, and other places where people tend to have their own containers.  

The EcoStream concept, which has already won the pair $20,000 in inventor prize money, is a novel twist to the bottling and cup controversy that has been centered on making more biologically reducible, recyclable bottles and cups: it just doesn't use any!  And the mixing of sodas is a delightful side benefit for those who love to play with beverage concoctions.  


photo by Bill Olmstedphoto by Bill Olmsted


Though the EcoStream could be more streamlined in design, Myer and Deau certainly have a working prototype ready for a commercial vending machine company to run with, if that is their desire.





Jun 2, 2009
by Anonymous

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