OneForty - The Apple Store Of Twitter Apps?

Apps, Apps, Apps! Everywhere you look, there is a new all-purpose-handy-dandy-must-have-app to enhance your Twitter experience. It was only a matter of time for someone to consider opening up a store where you can shop to your heart's content off of one Web site versus the hundreds that are out there.

Laura FittonLaura FittonDeveloped by author Laura Fitton (@Pistachio) from the Twitter for Dummies' fame and in conjunction with Pivotal Labs, the oneforty store site provides a business platform for more than 20,000 developers to market their wares. It's a place described by Fitton as making "sense of the chaotic ecosystem (of Twitter) with categories, tags, and 'essentials' to introduce new users to apps."

You can register here for a Beta invitation. If selected you can give the store an early test run...

As a backstory, this past June, Fitton was interviewed in advance of oneforty launching, and tipped her hand as to how development was unfolding...

The site's ratings, reviews and toolkits aid visitors with insightful information about the products and even highlights the most popular apps based on their research.

As a user-generated site, members can also enter their profiles and indicate and rate which apps they use as well as check out what your friends, Twitter followers and associates might be using.

Monetization of oneforty however seems a little sketchy at present. While Fitton et al told that they will earn a commission percentage off each sale, since most third-party apps are free to users, there doesn't appear to be a large enough pool of revenue to wade in?

Perhaps their goal is to become the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, when the day comes that Twitter decides to acquire oneforty! And that day might be sooner than oneforty could have imagined. After all, Twitter just got approved for another round of funding to the tune of $100 million. Who knows, Fitton's timing might be right on the money!

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