One-of Dodge Viper Concept Up for Sale

Since its introduction, the Dodge Viper has been about one thing; Raw horsepower. With a 500hp V10 under the hood and a 6-speed transmission to get the power to the ground, it's no mystery why it became so famous. Now, an even more rare and refined form of the Viper is up for grabs, but you better act fast as there is only one in existence.

The ASC McLaren Diamondback Viper was originally unveiled back in 2006 at the Detroit Auto Show and at the time it was expected to be a preview to the 2008 model. Sadly, it spent two years waiting patiently, until the decision was made to sell it as a one-of concept car.

The Diamondback began life as a 2006 SRT-10. From there, a custom quad-outlet exhaust was installed and then the already potent V10 was tuned to the key of 615 ponies. To help shed some weight, body panels were replaced with carbon fiber.

One of the more noticeable alterations to the Viper is the custom intake system. Each port has its own individual trumpeted intake tube, all of which can be seen through the hood. Surrounding the new intake system is a carbon fiber stripe with "Mclaren Orange" and "Viper Blue" trim.

According to some estimates, the Diamondback cost ASC $750,000 to design and assemble. Thankfully, the price to own this piece of Viper memorabilia isn't nearly as high, being set a $295,000. This is by no means cheap, but if you factor in the collectability of concept cars, this is very good investment.