One-Of-A Kind Fashion Accessory For Men: The Recycled Street Sign Briefcase

This unique fashion item for men can be referred to as either sustainable fashion or salvaged fashion, since it's created by using recycled road signs to create one-of-a-kind briefcases. The aluminum briefcases are durable, sustainable, and fashionable.

With this briefcase your man can go to work without worrying that his briefcase will match his best friend's, his boss' or his golfing buddy's, since it's vastly different from the traditional black, brown or mahogany leather briefcases of the past and present. The one-of-a-kind fashion accessories are made from recycled street signs; a fine example that one man's misfortunate can make for another's hip and fashionable briefcase.

No word on exactly how the designer of these unique briefcases, Tripp Gregson, acquires the street signs he uses to design these one-of-a-kind fashion accessories. However, one can only assume that the street signs are recycled from city streets after unfortunate motorists run down the poles they're attached to, or maybe he purchases the signs from teens that have resorted to petty thievery on city streets (or maybe that's my overactive imagination talking).

Men who decide to carry this unique, recycled fashion item can be prepared to stop traffic, both literally and figuratively, but will have to get over that old fashion myth that your briefcase should match your belt and shoes.

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Mar 25, 2009
by Anonymous


why for men only? These days womencan wear and have anything men canif they can afford it that is and if they like it. I dont like it though I would like a nicer briefcase.