OnePure Halal Skin Care Line For Muslim Women

For Muslims who follow the code of Halal, it can be a challenge to find skin care products or cosmetics that don't violate the principles of the Koran. Now, there is a complete line available ideal for Muslim women who want to pamper themselves with high-end products.

Halal CosmeticsHalal Cosmetics

You might not know it, but many skin care products and cosmetics contain alcohol and pork extracts, two key elements that are forbidden under Halal. As disgusting as it may sound to know that you're smearing your face with remains of a dead animal, it's a reality in the cosmetics industry. Now, there's a friendly alternative for those who want a purer variety of cosmetics making contact with their skin.

OnePure derives from Dubai and was created by a former makeup artist who after converting to Islam, realized there were few options available for Muslim Women. Currently, they've realized just one travel pack, which for $125 USD contains a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream, all of which have been approved and certified by the Malaysian Islamic Authority. The Halal skin care line is available on Saudi airlines, online, and at regional malls, but just as OnePure plans to expand the products available, they also intend to make their line available on a more widespread level to increase its availability to Muslim women worldwide.

Via: Springwise