One-Touch Folding Bicycle Comes in 8 Rainbow Colors

This cool folding bicycle from Village Vanguard combines style, comfort, convenience and practicality. Its 20-inch wheels make it suitable for most adult riders and for older children as well.

The bike's salient feature is its ability to quickly fold into a compact shape that can still stand upright on its kickstand. This makes it ideal for travelers, especially city commuters who can now bring their bicycle with them on apartment elevators, subway and long-distance trains, and cars & buses.

The design utilizes "one touch folding" and something VV calls a "double-lock feature" which at least sounds secure. Both wheels come with lightweight fenders to ease worries when riding over wet surfaces. Buyers should be aware that though the bikes are sold in Japan by a Japanese company, their country of manufacture is China - something pointed out by a commenter at the site who questions its durability based on personal experience. Then again, what ISN'T made in China these days?

In any case, these 20-inch, folding, steel-framed bikes come in 8 different rainbow colors including Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, Purple and Blue. The color is attractively featured on the hand grips, seat, frame and most noticeably the tires.

Originally priced at 13,440 yen (about $155), the bikes have been discounted to 12,800 yen ($150) including taxes. Order online from Village Vanguard's website.

Aug 21, 2010
by Anonymous

Hi, Steve. I just translate

Hi, Steve.
I just translate the article into chinese listed on my blog
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Aug 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Price makes me shudder

Having a folding bike has completely changed the way I live in a big city with public transport (Saint Petersburg, Russia). However, no reliable bicycle that will last more than a season can possibly cost so little.

I can recommend both Strida and Brompton as excellent brands. Everything else I looked at and rode was either very poorly made or prohibitively expensive.