Onewheel Is A Self-Balancing, Electric Skateboard With Only One Wheel


Onewheel. The name says it all...or at least most of it. Of course, it says "one wheel," but it doesn't say "electric skateboard," nor does it say "self-balancing." But the Onewheel is all of those things--an electric, self-balancing skateboard with only one wheel.

One wheel, one board, one motor. That's just about all this electric skateboard is--that and a battery, oh, and very sophisticated inertial sensors and control electronics that give the board the ability to balance itself. All you do is lean forward to go forward and back to stop. Shift your weight on your toes or heels to turn. 

Onewheel Self-BalancingOnewheel Self-Balancing

Riding Onewheel is like riding a wave--a concrete wave, and with its lithium iron phosphate battery, you can ride that wave for hours. Onewheel's ultra charger will recharge the unit in under an hour. This electric skateboard is also app-enabled, although no apps are currently available for the board. 

Actually, Onewheel itself isn't available. It hasn't hit the market just yet, but you can pre-order it through the Onewheel site. Just be aware, it will cost you about $1,500 to ride the concrete wave.