Online Concierge Service Gets You A Table At The Best Restaurants!

There's no such thing as impulsively deciding to go to the hottest restaurants in New York City or Los Angeles when there's a waiting list months long unless you happen to be a celebrity. An innovative new concierge service makes sure you can get in, even if your face isn't plastered across the tabloid magazines.

Prime Time Tables, founded by Pascal Riffaud, uses the hospitality industry expert's connections to snag tables at the hottest restaurants. In order to use the businesses services, diners can join and choose from a variety of memberships that give them different perks, including dibs on the best nights at the hottest restaurants. People can also use the service on an individualized basis, but have slim pickings to choose from since tables can only be selected no earlier than 2 days in advance.

For one time use, the service charges $75 per reservation, or $500 per year for a premium account. Executive and Corporate memberships are also available for $1000 and $1500 per year.