Online Lost and Found Booth Set Up for the Japanese After the Earthquake

A group of big-hearted programmers have set up and launched Belongings Finder, a site that will help Japanese people post things that they have found and items that they are looking for on the internet.

The concept was thought up by Stefano Orowitsch, a post-graduate student at the University of Cambridge, who immediately contacted others to help on the project. The Belongings Finder team is composed of 8 individuals in charge of different tasks and duties to maintain the site.

The main page of Belongings Finder resembles the People Finder app that Google launched also to aid the people of Japan after the devastating earthquake. Two options are displayed: "I found a personal belonging" and "I'm seeking a personal belonging."

Clicking on "I found a personal belonging" will prompt you to fill out a form asking for the description of the item, the pick-up location to hand it off to its owner, your e-mail address, as well as allow you to upload a photo of the item. Selecting on "I'm seeking a personal belonging" will ask you to enter a description of the item that you're looking for, as well as your email address.

The site works by matching "lost" and "found" entries, so to speak, and connecting the users once a match has been made.