Online Scrabble Goes Legit

Online gaming is becoming extremely popular on Facebook. The networking site features a wide variety of applications that allow users to play games like Tetris and even Duck Hunt. Now avid gamers will soon be able to add Scrabble to that list.


There is already an online version of Scrabble on Facebook, but it’s an unauthorized copy that the owners of Scrabble have been trying to shut down. So to help out Scrabble fans across the world, Electronic Arts Inc. has announced they will be releasing an application of the game this month.

EA hopes to outshine Scrabulous, the unauthorized version of the popular board game, but that’s going to be a tough challenge. Facebook users don’t generally test out every single game application on the site. Once they’ve stuck with a certain game they’re unlikely to make a switch, even if it’s to the legal copy. The downside of EA’s version will be that it’s only available to Facebook users located in North America.

But aside from the growing networking site full of hormonal teenagers who like to party, EA hopes to get Scrabble on different websites and platforms. The company recently had the game up on the supported site and is selling versions for iPods and various mobile devices.

Playing Scrabble online is a great way to waste some free time at work or make a class lecture more interesting, but what happened to playing the actual board game? It takes no time to set up and you won’t accidentally punch your keyboard when your opponent gets a triple word score.

Dec 31, 2008
by Anonymous


What is point of the scrabble game online?
At pogo the rest of the world can not play the game as it is only for the people of USA and Canada.
This is unfair on many of us who met through playing this game. We enjoyed tournaments and the chance to meet and chat. Many of us have become great friends around the world.
Why can't we get it back on games com or playsite? Lets us all play together not divide the world and players of scrabble.
Just so that those in Hasbro/ Mattel can be content.