New Twitter Mastermind Unveils Plans For Social Media E-Commerce

While I typically share the more weird and wacky stories that pertain to business, when I read the Twitter ShoppingTwitter Shoppingnews that Twitter might start offering online shopping a couple of weeks ago, I decided there's just no way that I can skip opening up the lines of discussion about such a business structure.

If you haven't heard the news, former Ticketmaster CEO started working for Twitter during the last week of August. As a result of his tenure with Ticketmaster, Nathan Hubbard has become known as a kind of trendsetter for revolutionalizing the way that things are done online. Hubbard's reputation is without a doubt what made him desirable, that way Twitter can be taken to the next level by entering the E-Commerce industry.

 Now that they've got him on board, Twitter and Hubbard have teased about the tricks that they have up their sleeves. And, their plans could truly change the e-commerce world if they are successful in their endeavours. 

"Subscribed" posts have been featured on both Facebook and Twitter for quite some time now, and Facebook has even provided the option for users to purchase real life gift cards or other items for their friends. Typically the exchange has been more virtual, but Twitter will offer more tranditional e-commerce on a non-traditional platform.

From the sounds of things, Twitter will take advantage of trending topics and hashtags to plant shopping opportunities that are relevant while users are viewing various conversation subjects. Within the platform, it will then allow shoppers to buy items of their choice.

Since Twitter seems to prefer to be more of an autonomous social media platform (favoring proprietary picture applications over automated Instagram, for example), there is speculation that they might even create their own payment processing options.  Of course, the first goal in getting Twitter shopping services up and running is to start offering existing e-commerce sites the appropriate tools, and then it will go from there!

Many social media users have recently claimed that in time, the sites have become less authentic, and less about the importance of connection. Do you think Twitter taking this one step further will be a positive or negative feature for users? And, if you believe the latter, do you expect Twitter as e-commerce will be a flop of a business?

Image Via: Flickr Creative Commons Media Saturn Holding

News source:  MSN