The Only 3D Web Camera Brings The Third Dimension To Your PC

Look at this thing:

The Only 3D Web CameraThe Only 3D Web Camera

It looks like some sort of robotic bug.  In reality, it is a tiny, three-dimensional web camera.  As with all 3D cameras, the two cameras are placed very close, side-by-side.  This creates a stereoscopic image (an anaglyph) due to the slightly different positions of the lenses-which can focus as close as 12 inches away.  Video is captured at 15 frames per second at a resolution of 800 x 600.

This little unit can also be set to record side-by-side videos or two-dimensional picture-in-picture videos.  Or it can simply be used as a regular ol' web cam.

To get the three-dimensional effect, the viewer must wear a pair of 3D cyan/red glasses.  Five pairs are provided with the camera.

Here's a great example of how video from this camera looks when played back on your PC.

You can purchase The Only 3D Web Camera at Hammacher Schlemmer.