Onna Dameshi Lady Tester Helps Gals Boost Their Guy-Q

Bandai, creator of the Tamagotchi, has set its sights on Japan's frustrated females who can't seem to figure out what's on the minds of men. Uh, ladies, here's a hint: it starts with S and ends in X... but of course, that's not what you want to hear (or more likely, you know that already).

The Onna Dameshi, or Lady Tester delves into the remaining 2% of the male mind so that Little Miss Lonely-Hearts can up her dating quotient.

The developers at Bandai asked 1,000 single Japanese men between the ages of 20 and 39 a variety of questions and saved their replies in a portable database. Then the owner of an Onna Dameshi can answer up to 100 similar questions, each with 4 possible answers. The more she gets right, the higher her score and - presumably - her compatibility with the opposite sex.

As an example, "What type of hair style do men usually prefer their girlfriends to have?" The right answer being, "Whichever one YOU like, honey!"

Bandai's priced the Onna Dameshi at a cool $27 each and it comes in red, white or pink. An added feature is a pop-up mirror ideal for checking make-up or ensuring one's pretty smile isn't marred by a wayward chive. Because THAT's what guys really care about. (via Crunchgear, images via Tamashiishop)