On/Off Switch Clip Grabs Your Paperwork With A Magnetic Grip

The Dixon On/Off Switch offers users a clean, functional, design that holds onto papers, drafting instruments and so on with an invisible, non-marking magnetic grip.

The light blue switch is formed in the shape of a standard rocker light switch, slightly oversized and with an incuse "OFF" and embossed "ON" at the top and bottom, respectively. On the back of the clipboard you'll find a hidden magnet.

Push ON and the switch rocks downward, neatly gripping your paperwork between the switch and the backing board. Push OFF and the switch rocks upward, releasing your papers. Simple and cool!

The Dixon On/Off Switch costs 840 yen or around $9.25, which appears to cover the switch, magnet and backing board. Perfect for home, school or workplace, not to mention being a very cool design that really, er, rocks! (via Bundoki.com)