OnStar Adds More Features...Again

Ever since its introduction, OnStar has been one of the top reasons car buyers opted for General Motors. With so many useful features and day saving abilities, it makes perfect sense. Now, new buyers will be getting even more from OnStar thanks to the addition of 3 new capabilities.

The first, originally announced over a year ago, is called OnStar ENav. The system allows the driver to plan a trip using Mapquest® and then download the route onto the OnStar Navigation system. This will be especially useful for road trips with multiple stops. It also gives the driver more control over road choice.

The next feature is called OnStar Destination Download and was created by joining OnStar's "real person" concept with the in-dash navigation systems. While driving, you can press the OnStar Button and when greeted by an operator, you can ask them to input an address and then have the directions downloaded straight to your navigation system. All of this can be done safely while driving.

The final feature uses XM's NavTraffic Service in conjunction with your navigation system to avoid high traffic areas and construction. When an update is received, the system retraces your route and looks for any traffic warnings or construction zones. If one is found on your route, you have the option to stay on course or have the navigation system detour you around the problem area.

What will OnStar and General Motors come out with next? Your guess is as good as mine.

From : AutoBlog