OnStar Could Save You Money...Or Cost You

OnStar has provided some amazing services over the past the few years. From locating a vehicle that has been stolen and slowing it down to, simply unlocking a door if you lock yourself out, many people have used General Motor's life saving technology. Now, OnStar can be used to track the mileage of your vehicle and possibly save you some money.

The technology to track the annual mileage of a vehicle is nothing new to OnStar, but being able to use it to possible save you money on your insurance is. If you opt into the program, the system will track how far your vehicle travels and through pipe the data to the GMAC arm where they will look for any discounts you may qualify for. You will still get the discount for having an active OnStar subscription, but depending on the total miles driven, you will fall into a certain tier and adjustments will be made from there.

The down side to such a thing is that if you are being undercharged, they can also raise your premium. Now of course this is not something that has been made mandatory, at least not yet anyway. They can only collect the information if you allow them to. If you honestly think you are paying too much, I would say go for it.

Via : TopSpeed