Oops!....BMW’s New Concept Vehicle Makes Early Appearance

With Frankfurt fast approaching, automakers are beginning to bring their latest creations out of hiding to put the final touches on them. This poses a problem as it is no easy task to keep a full sized vehicle hidden from prying eyes. This time, it was BMW who was caught in the act of moving a new vehicle, and I must say it looks interesting.

According to Dr. Klaus Draeger, BMW has been planning on unveiling a "sustainable sports car concept" at Frankfurt. Dr. Draeger is currently a member of BMW's management board.

Assuming this is the concept in question; it will likely feature a myriad of BMW's existing Efficient Dynamics technologies along with anything else they have managed to cook up.

The images suggest a new front end profile, as well as a more aggressive stance. Both of which could end up on the next generation 3-Series as it is only 2 years away. Of particular interest is the slope of the rear glass, which could mean a touring style hatchback as well.

Along with the new styling, BMW could also use this platform to debut some of the new power plants we have been hearing about for the past 6 months or so. Included in this could be the rumored inline-3 cylinder turbocharged engine connected to an electric drive system.

The concept will bow to the public next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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