With Oozzie Jig, You Can Load Chum Or Scent Straight Into The Jig

Oozzie JigOozzie Jig

If you enjoy fishing, and you're looking for that one lure that will catch any type of fish, you may want to check out the Oozzie Jig. The Oozzie Jig is a one of a kind jig--one in which you can inject chum or oil to attract all species of fish.

A lot of fishermen put chum directly on their lures, but the chum washes off rather quickly. The ability to inject chum or oil into the jig changes the fishing game. The Oozzie Jig has multiple openings to release the chum or oil, which attracts bait fish and game fish alike. 

Fish Caught With Oozzie JigFish Caught With Oozzie Jig

You can use this jig anywhere--on the pond, in the ocean, river, bay, lake, stream, wherever there are fish, the Oozzie Jig will attract them. Fishermen who've tried this jig rave about it (just check out the Oozzie Jig Kickstarter page to read some of those reviews).

Oozzie Jig FeaturesOozzie Jig Features

The Oozzie Jig is made in the USA from high-quality stainless steel. It employs a stainless steel blank weight in its base, so casting is made more efficient, and its action and retrieval are unique--the jig virtually dances in the water. Vertical jigging with the Oozzie Jig is unlike any other lure you'll find on the market today.

This one of a kind jig isn't being mass produced just yet. There are a few fishermen who use it, and it was even awarded a "Lure Of The Month" award from the fishing magazine, On The Water. However, if you want this jig in your tackle box, you can pre-order one on the Oozzie Jig Kickstarter page (find more information on the Oozzie Jig there as well).